We are MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS specialising in business development across hospitality real estate, travel and wellbeing.

About us

Working closely with entrepreneurial ventures, family offices and highly successful individuals, we provide innovative strategies & best-in-class solutions.

LCP has gained a reputation for excellence in providing insight, world-class access and professional management.

Thanda Private Island, Tanzania

Thanda Private Island, Tanzania

AlUla, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

AlUla, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We apply energy and expertise to every project we undertake for every client we serve.

The creativity of our ideation is matched by a highly structured team process to produce results.

We stand by our clients no matter how challenging the business environment may be. And we hold true to providing advice of the highest professionalism and integrity.

  • Our drive

    We are driven by discovery, exploration and travel. We love creating memorable experiences.

  • Our values

    We value entrepreneurship, positive transformation, conservation and sustainability. We celebrate diversity and empowerment.

Our services

  • Porto Montenegro, Montenegro


    We assist our luxury real estate clients in developing their story

  • Thanda Private Island, Tanzania


    We advise our hospitality clients on how to pursue and achieve iconic status

  • Deckenia, Seychelles


    We customise private travel and ensure a seamless process

  • Freediving at Soneva Fushi, the Maldives


    We seed wellbeing entrepreneurs with our time and access in our firm belief that health is a true “money-can’t-buy”

We advise on

  • Hospitality real estate business development, sales & marketing
  • Outsourced management (white-labelled) services within hospitality, real estate and wellbeing
  • Brand partnerships, ambassador programmes & billionaire mapping*
  • Luxury travel planning
  • Event planning
  • Luxury lifestyle access, social media & tastemaking
    • *An LCP-developed process
Our experts LIVE, WORK and PLAY all across the world
  • Founder & CEO

    Lynn Villadolid

  • Chief Operating Officer

    Angeleen Naziu

  • Senior Business Development Director

    Justine van der Horst

  • Hospitality Adviser

    Antony Paton


“Today’s luxury buyers don’t want to be overtly sold or marketed to. In offering solutions, the approach must be based on informing truthfully versus marketing speak, and starting a conversation versus selling a commodity.”

Colin Kingsmill

Board Advisor

Our clients

LET’S TALK, because that’s where great solutions start.